Peace: A far away dream?

I am writing this hoping that fifteen or twenty years later, someone will find this but won’t understand what I am talking about. Because despite all my rationality, I still want to believe that peace is possible dear reader. Not in a childish manner, I just believe that people might put their differences aside you know. Not today, not tomorrow, but maybe 10 years after.

Aren’t you tired of hearing news about terror and death and terrible stuff like that? We all are, right?

Do we really need this, reader? Do we really need to kill people, torture them, separate them from their families and their countries just to have more money, more petrol, more soil, reader?

You know what, this will soooooo fucking mainstream but I don’t really care. Do sth to stop that shit dear reader. Go to a protest, share what is happening in the world, or vote for someone who will end this (Don’t be like USA, don’t be like Turkey, don’t be like Russia,…)

Open your eyes, because you deserve more. You deserve to sleep without being afraid of dying next day. You deserve to travel the world (Muslim or not…) You deserve to have proper healthcare (Trumpcare is shit). You deserve to live freely (I don’t want you to hack my phone, or TV, or computer CIA, pleaseee).


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