Hate that surrounds us all

The world has so much hate in it today, brother hates brother… The world should have been a place to share ideas and solutions to our common problems such as climate change, equal rights for everyone, deathly illnesses, and much more. But instead, we are sharing hate, rage, anger and all the other dark feelings.

You reader, I know that you don’t. You don’t hate anyone because he or she believes in a man who came before or after the man that you believe in. You don’t hate anyone because of their reproductive system, or skin colour. I know that you are here because you will change things. You will collaboratively collect ideas and synthesise them like no one has ever done before.

And at the end, you will create the bold and brave light that will erase even the darkest of blacks. You will save this planet in a way (yes, maybe your name won’t be in the history books, but does that even matter?)

Now please, go ahead, and leave your mark on the day…


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